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Jason Halstead

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Jason Halstead works by day as a Systems Architect and a small business owner, as well as a devoted husband and father, published author, competitive powerlifter, and life-long student. He also tried juggling for a while but it didn't work out so well thanks to an incident involving some broken glass.

If you've read something and want to send feedback, don't be shy! Send email to: jason@booksbyjason.com.
Latest Updates

11/19/2014 Just got the results in, my wife (Dawn Michelle, Amazon | Facebook) hit the NY Times and USA Today bestseller list today! Check her out - especially because I help her with all her paranormal romance books!
08/01/2014 It's been a few months since I've put a book out under my name. Today that changes! Voidhawk - Broken Shards, is available at Amazon,Amazon UK,Smashwords. In a few weeks it will show up at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes - but why wait?

And the reason for my hiatus? Helping my wife finish her paranormal romance series, Claimed by the Beast. Part Six is available now at the usual places: (Amazon,Amazon UK,Smashwords)
06/08/2014 My apologies for not sharing some very exciting news. I've been working with my wife on a paranormal romance that is getting a lot of very happy readers. It's called Claimed by the Beast and here's where you can find part 1 for free on Amazon (Amazon UK, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords).

Parts 1 through 3 are released. Part 4 needs cover art (artist is on vacation right now, bear with us), part 5 is at the editor and part 6 is halfway finished. After part 6 I'm giving my wife (Dawn Michelle, the attributed author) some time to brainstorm up what comes next while I go back to my own books. I'm leaning heavy towards another Voidhawk book.
04/27/2014 The next great thing is out! Transcendent, book 1 of the series by the same name, is available on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Smashwords. It's dystopian fiction that pushed beyond what The Hunger Games and Divergent already established. Explore the possibilities, and the failures, of the future now!
04/18/2014 Devil's Island, written by yours truly and J. Knight Bybee, is in the news. Well, maybe not the news, but it is catching publicity over at Kindle Books and Tips.

Or click here to check out the exact post it's in. Give it a link and follow it through, some great books there - beginning with ours, of course!
02/28/2014 Guardian is unleashed! Or at least it's available at you favorite websites. I hope. If you're an iTunes, Sony, or Kobo fan you'll have to wait until they get around to listing it in a couple of weeks.

But hey, until then here it is on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords!
01/14/2014 Sure there's a link up above, but I've got a new newsletter format that I think is pretty cool. Why not check it out and sign up? Won't cost a thing and I'm not the kind of guy that sends out spam. Or click here!.
01/09/2014 Today marks my first release in 2014! Vitalis: Invasion, is available on Amazon and Smashwords. Barnes and Noble soon to follow as well as iTunes, Sony, Kobo, and others in a week or two. Check it out now, before the world runs out of 1s and 0s to transfer.
12/27/2013 Great news - the rough draft for Vitalis: Invasion has been sent to my editor!

More great news, the audiobook version of Child of Fate was approved today. In a couple of weeks it will be available and trust me, you've got to check it out. The voices in this book are amazing!
12/09/2013 When the Cookie Crumbles, my new release in the detective / mystery genre, is available! Check it out on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. It should also be available at other Amazon sites (DE, CA, AU, etc.), and in a matter of days on iTunes, Sony, Kobo, and others.
12/08/2013 My detective novel set in good old Detroit, Michigan, has been sent to the publishers! I'll post links soon for "When the Cookie Crumbles"
11/27/2013 It's been a couple of days since I finished the rough drafts of Devil's Island and When the Cookie Crumbles, but not to worry, they're being worked on and I have started the next Vitalis book! Hope to have it finished before the end of the year.
11/21/2013 Good news, Kobo notified me that their search algorithm is being worked on right now but Dragonlady is available there. That blue underline thingy? That means go back there and click on it in case you want to read it on the Kobo reader. :-)

In other news, I'm tearing up my keyboard writing a new detective / mystery novel. About a full week in so far and I'm expecting finishing it this weekend. I've been average around 8,000 words a day lately - but it won't last! I start my new day job on the 25th. Until then I'm writing like a madman!
11/15/2013 Dragonlady, the final novel in the 4 part Order of the Dragon series, was released this morning! It's available on Amazon and Smashwords right now, with Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Sony, and the rest of the guys coming around at their own pace.
10/16/2013 Vitalis: Genesis has been released ahead of schedule! For now it's available on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Smashwords. More sites coming soon.
10/01/2013 Just a friendly shout out on a page I don't update nearly often enough! I'm nearing the end of writing Vitalis: Genesis and I have to say it has been a lot of fun. Nonstop thrills and plenty of "holy ****!" moments. Great story that keeps the Vitalis tradition alive and expands it into new, and scary, places.

What's next after this? Probably the final fantasy novel in my Order of the Dragon series, but it's hard to know because I have so many stories begging to be written!
09/18/2013 Sands of Betrayal, book 3 in the Order of the Dragon fantasy series, is out! I plan to have my webpage updated in the next couple of days, but until then here's a couple of links:

Barnes and Noble
08/14/2013 Broken Slipper is out! That's book 2 in the Homeland series, which is all about Homeland Defense, secret agents, thwarting terrorism, and sometimes getting downright smutty to get the job done. Erotic espionage - how fun! Anyhow, check it out here on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or Smashwords.
08/07/2013 Great news! Broken Slipper is in the hands of my editor. Cover work is done too, so it's just a matter of time. Problem is, it's a massive novel (140,00 words - almost 600 pages) so it may take a little time to get edited.

In other news I've met a fellow writer in the UK that I wanted to toss a shout out to. As she put it - I write mannish books and she writes girlish books, so it should be a great opportunity! So if you're in the mood for a girlish book, go check out Catherine Broughton at www.turqoisenmoon.co.uk.
06/14/2013 Working hard and fast on The Broken Slipper, book 2 in my Homeland series. It mixes espionage and romance in a fun and raunchy way! Only halfway through it so far but I'm having a blast writing it and the ideas just keep coming.

And speaking of ideas, don't forget to check out my blog (click the link above) to see what else I've got cooking. So many words, not enough time!
06/04/2013 I finished the rough draft of Chasing the Dragon, book 2 in the Order of the Dragon trilogy. Couple of weeks for editing and I'm working on cover art at the same time. Early July looks like the release date!

And while that's happening I'm hard at work on my next project, book 2 in my Homeland series.
05/14/2013 Feel that monkey on your back? It's because Isle of the Ape has been unleashed unto the world! Pick it up now at Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, or any of the other places when they get around to making it available. Slackers (the other places, not you!).
05/10/2013 Been too long since I've posted here, I've been focused on my Facebook updates and blog - as well as writing. So here's a quick head's up! Forbidden Love, the beginning on a new series that deals with international espionage told in an occasionally raunchy manner, is out and available no!

Or for my fantasy fans I'm expecting to launch Isle of the Ape, the beginning of the second trilogy featuring Alto, Patrina, Garrick, Aleena, and friends hopefully as soon as next week. I'm hard at work on Chasing the Dragon, book 2 in that trilogy, as we speak.
04/22/2013 Vitalis Omnibus is free until April 24th on Amazon! Grab your copy now!
04/01/2013 Voidhawk - The Edge of Forever is live! You can find it on Smashwords and Amazon right now, with other very soon to follow
03/12/2013 Soul Mates has been released! This sequel to Devil's Icebox (and Dark Earth) pits a new young witch against the power hungry forces of the dark ages as they seek to conquer and destroy her home - The United States of America! Check it out on Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, or Kobo. Other retailers coming soon!
03/08/2013 Soul Mates is almost ready, just working on some finishing touches for the cover art and then it'll be released.
02/22/2013 Soulmates is being edited! I hope to have it back in early March from the content editor, then it's off to the proofreader. Meanwhile cover art is being...er...covered!
02/16/2013 The Silver Dragon has been unleashed! It's terrorizing the countryside at websites near you. Check out Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords for now, but iTunes, Sony, Barnes and Noble, and others are sure to follow. Or just have a look at my page for it and see the links to the other two books in the series.
02/15/2013 Silver Dragon, book 3 in the Blades of Leander fantasy series, should be released in the very near future!

Soulmates, book 3 in the Dark Earth urban fantasy series, should be hitting the virtual shelves in early March.

But what's next? I'm leaning heavily into another Voidhawk book at the moment, but it's not too late to talk me into a 3rd Vitalis book or maybe something else altogether... let me know via email, Facebook, or tweet!
01/19/2013 Victim of Fate has been released! It's available on Amazon and Smashwords right now, with other sites soon to follow (including a print version). Check it out at the link above or go to my Blades of Leander page to see the series as it stands thus far
01/18/2013 Minor update to the website, I changed the drop down box to view my stories to a more dynamic menu item that drops when you hover your mouse over it. Little things like that excite me.

I'm also excited that I should be releasing Victim of Fate this weekend, hurry up and check out Child of Fate, book 1 in the Blades of Leander series, so you can be prepared for it! Hard at work on The Broken Path, book 3 in the series, right now.
01/05/2013 I've landed in Michigan! Still unpacking and settling in, but I've been hammering away at Victim of Fate along the way. Five or Six more chapters to go (plus the three or four that will inevitably sneak in when I'm not looking).
12/26/2012 First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Or Happy Holidays. Or happy Tuesday - whichever you prefer. I'm hard at work on Victim of Fate, book 2 in the Blades of Leander series. And I'm moving from Ohio to Michigan tomorrow, which means no Internet until Monday the 31st. :(

I'll have my iPhone though, so I can still get and send email, it's just likely to be filled with typos and auto-corrects. Should be fun!
12/12/2012 Bounty is now available in print! Click here to check it out on Createspace / Amazon
12/05/2012 The long awaited third book in the Wanted series is now available! Bounty, book 3 in the Wanted trilogy can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and soon on iTunes, Sony, and Createspace.
11/10/2012 Child of Fate is now available on iTunes! Here's the link. Hard at work on book 2 in the Blades of Leander series now, Victims of Fate.
11/09/2012 Victims of Fate, book 2 in the Blades of Leander series, has been started! You could even say it lit a fire under me...
11/03/2012 Child of Fate, my new high fantasy novel, has been released! I'm working on a web page for it but until then you can check it out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords (other retailers coming soon, including a print version)
11/03/2012 As promised, I've created a webpage for my new high fantasy series, Blades of Leander. Book 1 is Child of Fate, head on over and check it out!
11/01/2012 Child of Fate is in the final editing stages and I'm finishing up Bounty this week. The book just keeps growing with more and more wonderful content. I love the characters so much it's going to be sad to say goodbye when I finish the book.
09/30/2012 Hard at work on Bounty, the third and final book in the Wanted trilogy! Doing research on and in Las Vegas right now, where a fair portion of the book will take place. Yes, that means I'm in Vegas, but don't worry, what happens here won't stay here, it's going to end up in a great book!
09/30/2012 I deserve a kick in the pants - I released Vitalis: Resurrection but forgot to announce it here! My sincere apologies and here are the links for it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, iTunes
08/17/2012 Black Widow is out! The fourth book in the Lost Girls series ties in characters and loose ends from Voices and Bound as well. Check it out, you're sure to love it! Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords (other links coming soon)
08/14/2012 I just added links to the various non-Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Smashwords ways to get my books. So if you've got a Kobo, Sony, or iTunes e-reader go check them out! Just select the setting on the left and find the book (or books) you want for easy access.
07/26/2012 Vitalis - Resurrection is the current project underway! Three chapters in and having a blast writing it. Some news faces, plenty of old faces, and new threats to keep things exciting!
07/23/2012 Black Widow, the 4th book in the Lost Girls series, is in the editing stages! The cover art's done, all it needs is a healthy dose of red ink then it'll be out the door.
07/17/2012 Don't forget to check out my Facebook page: Books by Jason. And while you're there why not give it a like? :)
07/10/2012 Another July release! Voidhawk - Lost Soul is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and very soon iTunes, Sony, Kobo, and others. Check out book 5 in the Voidhawk saga and be ready for a great read!
07/03/2012 Fresh off the digital press: Bound has been released! It's available at Amazon and Smashwords right now, and Barnes and Noble in a day or two. Click here and scroll down to read the blurb.
06/08/2012 Fresh release while I'm on vacation - Vitalis Omnibus edition! It's the first 7 books rolled into 1. Nothing new here, but it is a cheaper way to acquire the first seven books. Check it out here.

And Vitalis fans need not worry, there are plenty more stories to come!
05/23/2012 More great news for Vitalis fans - book 7: Matriarch, has been released! I think it's the best Vitalis book to date, you can read about it or read the sample here or get it on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords (more links to follow)
05/02/2012 My Vitalis series is growing. You could say it's evolving. Or maybe that's just a cheesy way for me to offer up the exciting news that Vitalis: Evolution has been released on Amazon and Smashwords!
04/03/2012 Squatter's Rights was released yesterday (on my birthday!). This is part 5 in my Vitalis series. You can read about it on my website here or find it on Amazon, or Smashwords. Still waiting to Barnes and Noble to make it available.
03/11/2012 Voidhawk - The White Lady, has been released! You can get it on Amazon here, Smashwords here, and on Barnes and Noble here.
03/01/2012 Wolfgirl, book 3 in The Lost Girls series has been released! You can find it on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble or read more about it here.
02/22/2012 It's almost here - expecting an official release date of March 1st for Wolfgirl, the sequel to Traitor (part of my Lost Girls sub-series, which takes place in my Dark Earth setting). Stay tuned for news!
02/14/2012 My Independent Author Network page has been updated to include ALL of my books published to date. Check it out if you want to read a little more about them: Jason Halstead's IAN page.
02/08/2012 Vitalis - Screamer is available on Amazon! Borrow it for free if you're an Amazon Prime member, otherwise it's only $.99. Vitalis book 4, Screamer
01/28/2012 Holding a contest of sorts to be a character in one of my books. Check my blog for details!
01/19/2012 Vitalis, book 3 (Parasites) is available on Amazon! Click here to read about it.
01/10/2012 My Vitalis series is about to grow to 3 books! Parasites is getting closer to release than I expected. Editing is completed, just need some cover art to finalize it.
01/08/2012 Traitor has been released! No, I'm not referring to an international spy, it's my latest book in my Dark Earth setting. Traitor is the sequel to The Lost Girls, click on "Free Stuff" above to read he sample or click here to read more about it and see links for checking it out!

The sequel for Traitor is Wolfgirl, which was sent to my editor earlier tonight! 2012 will be a busy year.
01/04/2012 Happy Holidays to everyone (post-mortem) - Great news on my end, I'm days away from releasing Traitor, the sequel to The Lost Girls!
11/23/2011 New release! Vitalis - The Colony is the second book in my Vitalis series. Check it out on my website and read the free sample: Vitalis - The Colony
11/16/2011 New cover art for Dark Earth, by Willsin Rowe. Please check it out, it's a huge improvement!
11/05/2011 Giving away free ebooks as samples. Full length samples. These are novels, not short stories. Join my newsletter and get the no-strings-attached details!
10/19/2011 Great news - unrelated to writing. I just completed (and passed) my MBA for Strategic Management!
10/16/2011 Hot off the presses - The Lost Girls! Mystery / Detective thriller with hint of science fiction to add in some cool gadgets. Check it out here, including the free sample!
09/28/2011 Voidhawk hit the top 50 bestselling list in the UK for historical fantasy novels! Click here if you're in the UK to find out why!
09/25/2011 New sample posted in the freestuff section (see link above). It's the sample for Ice Princess, the sequel to Wanted. Oh yeah, Ice Princess officially launches on October 1st as well!
09/18/2011 Web site updates a-plenty! Redesigned the page to make it easier to find my books (see the "library" section on the left). Added pages for all the books (by series, where applicable). Still working on a couple, but Vitalis now has a page, check it out!
09/07/2011 Vitalis, book 1 - New Beginnings has a prettier face on it. New cover art, courtesy of Willsin Rowe, has the book so darn good to look at I predict people won't be able to avoid clicking on it. I know I wouldn't be able to deny myself!
08/28/2011 New sci-fi book coming out September 1st! Vitalis - New Beginnings. Read the blog post here for more info and a snazzy cover image: http://booksbyjason.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/surprised-by-a-sleeper/
08/15/2011 With the help of my wife the cover of a new series has been put together. Vitalis, a sci-fi series, is going to be published soon! Check out http://booksbyjason.wordpress.com for an update and to see the cover art!
08/10/2011 Website update completed! I now have a free stuff section where I'll offer up free stuff (typically stories but who knows what I may toss up there?). Also a newsletter signup has been added. This is for people who consider themselves a fan and would like to be notified when something exciting happens (a new book is out, free stuff is added / changed, or some other news event I deem significant occurs).

I also added links on my book pages to take you to Kindle in case you'd like to investigate and pick them up.
08/08/2011 Little things excite me. For example, I've got books out with multiple parties that are planning on reading and reviewing them. I'm in need of more reviews so this bodes well!

As for other things that excite me, well, that stays between my wife and I. ;)
08/03/2011 Another Ice Princess update. Not only have the reviews started to come in (good ones, too!), but the first draft of the cover art hit my inbox the other day. Looks mighty good too - a definite tie in to Wanted. Hoping for an August release date still!
07/16/2011 Ice Princess, the sequel to Wanted is in the hands of several pre-release reviewers. It's almost here...
07/10/2011 Just joined the Book Junkies group on Facebook. All my currently published books have samples listed their in the docs section. A lot of work, but if it boosts my name or interest even 1% I'll take it!
07/02/2011 Voidhawk (the one that started it all) is up for a free book giveaway on Goodreads. Here's the link: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/12175-voidhawk. The contest ends on July 31st.
06/23/2011 Voidhawk - Redemption is on the virtual bookshelves! The third book in the Voidhawk series follows the adventures of Rosh as he tries to find his way in the void after parting ways with the Voidhawk and its crew.

Novelconceptpublishing.com has it available now. Within a handful of days it should be available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kindle, Sony, Kobo, and Barnes and Nobles, among others.
05/10/2011 New website up! www.novelconceptpublishing.com. It's a new publishing company run by yours truly and Jane Taylor, author of Vengeance, Dark Reckoning, and a bunch of other top notch fiction.
04/13/2011 Let me introduce Selena Kitt, who happens to not only be a fellow writer but also runs a couple of the publishing companies I go through. But wait, there's more. Selena was just featured in an article on CBS. Our styles and genres differ, but that's no reason not to check her out! http://www.bnet.com/blog/technology-business/will-write-e-porn-for-1-million/9888.
03/25/2011 Voices is now available on Smashwords as well. Free book at that, find it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/49291.
03/25/2011 In an unrelated note - check out my blog for the ongoing articles I'm doing on physical fitness. It caters on weight lifting (powerlifting, at that), but in it I am touching on weights, cardio, nutrition, and even rest. I'll continue the theme in more details as I go along and also post an article on supplementation at some point. http://booksbyjason.wordpress.com.
03/19/2011 New book out! Sex Sells. Yes, I really wrote something called Sex Sells. Check it out here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/48242 to see if it's really as exciting as it sounds.
03/10/2011 Very excited by some new cover art being put together by a friend of mine for my novella, "Voices". I'll out the artist in question as soon as it's finished.
02/26/2011 My books on sale for a limited time! Check here for details: http://booksbyjason.wordpress.com/2011/02/26/book-sale/
02/08/2011 Been a couple months without any news to post. Shame on me. I've got a few books in process of being reviewed and another I'm waiting on releasing for free, I just need to get some cover art together. Alas that I am no artist. Stay tuned for more updates or read my blog for the latest happenings!
12/24/2010 Adding a dynamic aspect for news updates. Prevents more timely code changes. And is a good thing. Also built up a basic Dark Earth page. Much more to do, but it's almost milk and cookie time so I've got to put the computer away.