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The Future Just Got a Whole Lot Closer

2016 started out rough, but now it’s ramping up and launching straight into the year 2402! I teased in my last blog about the new project, Terminus. Well that’s when Terminus is set, in the year 2402. There has been contact with aliens – lots of contact, in fact. Humanity is spread amongst the stars […]

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Terminus: An Introduction

I apologize for the less than infrequent blogs. 2015 was a rough year, what with moving and some pretty significant shifts for the worse in the book market. I tried to write my tail off, but around the holidays even that suffered. The good news is, 2015 is behind me, I have moved, and I […]

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The Rules of War Are Changing. It’s Time for a New Kind of Soldier.

I haven’t written a book in my Vitalis setting in a while – at least not compared to the other books I’ve been pumping out. If you’re wondering what the Vitalis setting is, it’s science fiction done right. Futuristic stuff that pits a struggling humanity at odds with the limited resources they’re finding as they […]

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There’s Only So Many Rocks To Hide Behind When the Entire Galaxy Is Hunting You.

I haven’t blogged in a while. Not for lack of things to say, mostly for lack of time to do it. I’ve been focusing on writing and, in spite of a hiccup with some scheduling, I’ve gotten a lot done! That meant a missed month of publication, but on the plus side, I should have […]

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A Very Alpha Christmas

Originally posted on Dawn Michelle Books:
Just because I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to work or post much doesn’t mean I went away. I’ve still been dreaming and writing when I can, and to that end, I’ve got a new secret project that has just been released. Just like last year, this…

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15 Novels a Year

A couple of months ago a man by the name of Filip Wiltgreen reached out to me and asked if he could interview me for his blog. It’s been a while since I’ve had that opportunity – I thought my 15 minutes were over. So of course I said yes, but I didn’t realize what […]

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When a God Falls

I was looking at my whiteboard the other day where I planned out the books I wanted to write this year. I was happily surprised to realize I’ve completed a large chunk already and even, in one case, going over my expectations. Where that’s relevant to this blog is that I had planned on writing […]

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A Dark Star is Born

Voidhawk – Fallen Goddess went to my editor on Friday. That, by itself, is a great thing. What happened in that book is even greater. I won’t go into details, but I will say that I’m still feeling it after taking an entire weekend off from writing and I want to jump straight into the […]

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Chasing the Dark

I teased about it yesterday. Today I have bigger and better new – it’s ready to go a day ahead of my revised schedule! Chasing the Dark is available for your reading pleasure! Below is a chart with links – and more will become available as time passes (you can check my website to find […]

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A Quick Shot in the Dark

Ooh, I might have to use this blog title as a book title in the future… for my Dark Universe series. If mentioning that gets you excited, hold on, it’s going to get a little better! Yes, I have the edits finished for Chasing the Dark, book 3 in the Dark Universe series. I’ve approved […]

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