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I Love my Books!

I hope that’s not arrogant to say. Or maybe it should be obvious. After all, if I don’t like them, why would I expect anyone else to? The explanation behind this unusual statement is that I was doing some research while working on my latest book (Vitalis: Catalyst). I didn’t have notes written on what […]

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Medic – A Long Overdue Bestseller

  I’ve been talking about Medic for a couple of months now. Way too long – not to be talking about it, but not to have it released and into your hands. That wait is over and it is now available everywhere as both ebook and print. I made a claim of calling it a […]

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Hobo Stew

I’ve got a lot of smaller thoughts that I thought I’d combine into a blog post, hence the title. Hopefully it’s tasty! First of all, progress on my Vitalis book is coming along sorta great. I say sorta because I’ve been very busy and unable to squirrel away as much writing time as I want […]

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Friendly Reminder

The Complex Book Series. A Lone Planet. One Complex. Unlimited Chaos. http://www.thecomplex.infoRemember a month back in December when I unleashed this gem onto the world? Well, it did okay, sales-wise, and so did all of the other books in The Complex setting. Well enough that we want to go for round 2 in 2017. But […]

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One Person Can Make a Difference

The power of voting. No, this has nothing to do with the U.S. Government or Trump vs Clinton. This is about one person putting for the effort to voice their opinion. One person that cared enough to say what mattered and what they wanted. The reward for that one person is shift in direction. A […]

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Need Some Help

I finished the rough draft of Medic – it took way too long to write, but I had a ridiculous end of the year. Over two weeks off but every single “vacation” day I took I spent working several hours for the day job. On top of that, I had a ton of basement work […]

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The Path of Least Resistance

I was studying my sales over the past year this weekend and trying to do it as analytically as possible (to fight off depression). That coincided with some formerly very successful writers that have experienced similar spirals. In fact, the more authors I speak with, the more it seems this is happening to everyone. Of […]

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Arrested in Peace, that is. The title of my latest release! It’s available now, on Amazon and all the other big ebook retailers. Grab your copy now, it’s something new, different, and totally fun. Sure, my concept of fun might be a little twisted, but if you’re reading this, I bet yours is too. So […]

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Confession Time

We all have our private guilty pleasures. I’m no different in that regard, except mine might not be what you expect – at least not the ones I’m willing to admit to. For example, I’m an avid fan of a couple of television shows (that I watch in the early hours thanks to streaming services). […]

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Check Please

I’m done. At least for a while. I’ve been avoiding Facebook for weeks, if not months, due to all the crap I’ve been seeing. Fear, hate, and outright bullying in the form of political bullshit. Sadly, it was mirrored on the television. Fortunately for me, I don’t watch much television and what I do watch […]

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